Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'd kneel down and pray about it, but...

Christmas is over and I'm nestled cozily in my mama's house.  I'm in my pajamas at three o'clock in the afternoon, and I'm thinking about sitting down and writing something.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to walk at the moment.  The day that Christmas break started, as I packed up my friend's car to ride home to my mother, I tripped and busted my knee.  I rode home in some pain and had to be helped to walk every time we had to make a pit stop because my knee just wouldn't hold my weight.

Long story short, after two doctors, two X-rays, and one MRI, we've discovered that I have something lodged underneath my kneecap and the kneecap is dislodged.  I have a surgery sometime next week and, oh yeah, I really miss walking.

It's funny... when crutches become the only way you can get around, you get VERY itchy to dance.  I'm dying to leap and run and do jumping jacks and spin around.  I want to go on a hike and hit the treadmill and just go walk around in my mom's backyard in search of a good place to sit and read my book or write in my journal.

But I'll be ok.  I'll go into my surgery and I'll come out of it achy but ok.

I just thought I'd update you all.  Prayers are always appreciated.  But people have gotten through much worse and been totally fine, and I am not worried about the pain.  Heck, I rode home with this thing for eight hours without crying.  So I'm keeping my chin up about it.  Don't worry about me. :)

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go enjoy the last couple weeks of not having much to do!