Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Twilight Review, Part 1

A while back, I read the Twilight series.  For you.

I had adamantly sworn that I would never read it, but my curiosity piqued enough… and so I did.  I thought it would be a great blog post or two, and so I dug through the books in about two weeks.

Let me begin with my first impressions.  I have been told regularly that the writing in these books is absolutely phenomenal.  However, I disagree.  And at the same time, I fully agree.  As I read, I noticed that the authorship was plain.  It was simple vocabulary with a few choice words thrown in here and there.  However, it wasn’t spectacular by any stretch of the imagination.

At the same time, I agree that the writing is skillful.  Reading in as neutral of a mindset as I could muster, I found myself being pulled.  My heart would alternately soar and fall as the story did, and I had to really think about the story in order to continue reading.  I knew I was in this to give an honest review, and I needed to focus.

The author’s ability to reach into the mind of a young girl is absolutely stunning.  Though the writing is simple, it’s still amazing how Stephanie Meyer manages to tug the heartstrings.  You follow the characters with reckless abandon unless you stop and truly think. 

Once I began to consider the actual story as opposed to the frippery and romanticism and feeling that it evokes, I was shocked at the message. 

Girls, especially teenage girls, have a natural craving to be safe and protected.  In this case, this protection comes in the arms of a mysterious, Victorian-esque vampire.  The main character, Bella Swan, is the very image of  a down-to-earth young lady… or so it seems.  I actually find her to be unbalanced and foolish.

This is a basic summation of my thoughts in regards to the Twilight series, however, I will continue with an analysis of the main characters and then a final post in conclusion.

Get ready!  It’s going to be a biting review.  (See what I did there?  Haha.  Hah.  No?  Ok.)

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