Saturday, February 12, 2011

Studying, coffee, airplanes, cauliflower, instrumental music. (Alternate title: Complete Incoherency)

Hi everyone!  I'm just taking a brief study break to say hello.


Now that that's out of the way, I just want to explain my absence.  I've been studying like mad for the past few days because I have several big assignments I need done by Monday, since we're flying out very soon to go to the States.  I'm thrilled about going, but I won't reach my full excitement potential until I'm at the airport, suitcase and carry-on in hand.

Also in my hand?  Will be my Starbucks gold card.  I'm just going to cuddle it on the flight over, and apologize to it for being so neglectful.  It's not my fault, but I'm sure it's little self is deeply saddened by the lack of use.  It's probably out of shape, but I plan to get it right back into running order very shortly.  I shall capitalize on my month in the States as best as I can.

Meanwhile, I'm surviving on coffee from our French Press, which is really tasty.  I'm into the Millstone Hazelnut Cream blended with a bit of French Roast right now.  To be quite honest, I'm just liking Italian coffee less and less.  That may come as a shock to you, but this is how my mother very aptly explains it. We like being able to get a grande or venti drink and just sip at it for a long time over a conversation or a book, as opposed to grabbing an espresso, kicking it back, and that being the end of it.

But I have realized, I'm a complete and utter coffee snob.  I wanted iced coffee, but had never been thrilled by what I could make.  I consulted the Google, and the internet, which is always true, told me that I need to COLD brew my coffee.  Basically, overnight I steeped the grounds in icy-cold water, and let me tell you.

DELICIOUS.  When you cold-brew coffee, it gets all the great flavor, but without all the acidity and bitterness. It's a very smooth cup, and I literally could not focus during that first cup.  I was sitting there reading dates for a timeline, but I couldn't remember the span King Henry VIII's reign or the year Shakespeare was born.  The coffee was just that good.

After the initial wonderment wore off, I went back to studying and sipped and sipped and sipped away, and it made studying all that better.  Also, I've been listening to Hawaiian and Irish instrumentals (my mama's study playlist) and that also helps my mood.

I've been staying up way too late the past couple of days, just trying to get everything done, but that's probably a good thing, because that will make sleeping on the airplane more likely.  Unless the usual happens and the person in front of me leans their seat back.  On the flight to Rome, and Italian lady did that to me, but she was leaned so far that I honest to goodness couldn't help but bump her chair every time I so much as breathed too deeply.  She kept looking back and scowling at me, and knowing no Italian, I simply shrugged and made motions to indicate that "Lady, this is soooo not my fault."

Mealtimes were blissful because you have to raise your seats to the upright position.  I wept tears of joy all over my mysterious meat-product covered in brown liquid and some sort of mashed potato, which I was pretty sure was actually mashed cauliflower.

All this is to say, I'm a little scatter-brained right now.

This is probably my last post until we land in the States.  Do your best not to miss me too much.  ;)


  1. Cold brew coffee? I must hear more about this!

  2. Dearest Niece;
    I am pleased that you are experimenting with new and great ways to make a fine brew. Let me also introduce you to the greatest method ever, which takes less than 20 seconds?

    Believe me not? Well - say "hello" to my little friend, the Aeropress.

  3. PS;
    I'm bringing my Aeropress with me to Gulf Shores.


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