Monday, April 30, 2012

Why I'll miss it here

The last few weeks of school are always the hardest.  You see summer looming happily in the distance, but the pen (or keyboard, as it were) in your hand reminds you of your still-packed schedule.  Belgium makes it especially hard because April is still freezing and wet and there is no way I'm getting a tan.  I mean, it's not like I can tan even in the warmest of conditions, but it's the thought that counts.  Luckily, though, it was warm and sunny today and my mama and I went for a walk.

I am getting a questionable mole removed in a month, so maybe sun-worshipping is not something I should do anyway.  Forget you, Irish heritage.  Forget you.

Nonetheless, I am itching for warmth and the chance to put on a sundress.  I'm dying to read books that I choose, and not ones assigned by the behemoth that is the school schedule.  I highly anticipate the ability to write more often and to occasionally zone out over some Gilmore Girls and iced coffee.

All this will come in four weeks when I move away from here.  I'm hitting the hot Alabama summer, and I'm so excited.  However, there are a lot of things I'll miss about Belgium.  Of course, I will miss my best friends and my parents so very much, but these are just some little things...

I'll miss how charming everything looks, from nature to the stones.

I'll miss the beautiful churches.  There's just something about worshipping, or even just thinking, in a massive, spectacular cathedral.

I'll miss the architecture.  Art Nouveau is stunning, and it's very prevalent here in Belgium.  It's definitely a favorite.

I'll miss the food.  Twice-fried french fries with mayonnaise?  Chocolate?  Caramelized waffles?  A bunch of other caloric nightmares?  I mean, come on.  (I will not, however, miss the impact these have on the fit of my pants.)

I'll miss city living.  Just a little.  I do really enjoy being out of the city, too, but having access to great stores and lots of stuff is always fun.  I'm not always a city girl, but it definitely has its perks.

(And you know Starbucks is what I mean when I say "perks.")

I'll miss European washers/dryers.  Oh wait, no I won't.

Broke-down busted


(P.S.  I just had my good friend, Brittany, over for the weekend and we had a blast!  I love her blog and it has inspired me to pick up the old pen that is Blogspot once more.  She writes here and you should check it out.  I think I'll try to document her time here at some point!)


  1. Keep the blog posts coming, Caroline. Want to hear all about your Covenant experience when you get there.


    1. Auntie Milda, I will do my best!! I definitely need to blog more than I do now. :)

  2. Caroline! Thanks for the mention! Keep updating your blog! I look forward to reading it!



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