Monday, April 4, 2011

Venezia: Part One. Food.

Yes, food.  Because I'm on to you.  I know that's what you all want to know.  Food.

Venice was the most beautiful city to which I've traveled so far.  I'd say I want to live there, but they have terrible issues with flooding, rats at low tide, humidity, and corrosion.  So, no, I wouldn't want to live there, at least not for long.  But we couldn't have begged for better weather, and it was an absolutely fantastic place to visit for the weekend.

And we ate.  We actually went fairly tourist-style with the food because we were occupied with the sights, but nonetheless, we are in Italy and it's not often you eat bad food.  Our first night here we went to a famous restaurant called Florian, which was established in 1720!  It was... unreal.  There was an orchestra playing (we were outside) and the food was to die for.  We had eaten a small dinner in the train station, so I had dessert while my parents had little appetizers.  Are you surprised I went for the chocolate cake and espresso?

Nah, didn't think so.

If you notice the front looks a bit messy, it's because I took a bite of the chocolate piece in the front before remembering to take a picture.  So, I stuck it right back on, because I love you guys.

I dream about that cake.

This was my first espresso since coming back from the states, too, and the deliciousness wasn't lost on me.  Especially coupled with cake.  Cake and coffee are quite amicable, haven't you heard?

 Time lapse between these two pictures: approx. 8 minutes.  Who would have thought one could make a thimble and a half of coffee last for 8 minutes?

We, of course, had pizza during our stay.  I loved the tuna one my mom got, because tuna on pizza is genius.  And anchovies; but unfortunately, I only found one restaurant there with anchovy pizza.  Dad got a pizza with artichokes (carciofi) and some other unidentifiable things on it.  I'd ask him, but I'm too busy drooling.

Let me just say, these pizzas are big.  But in my family, there's sort of a "pizza tax."  Or, shall I say, an anarchy, one in which we just (politely, I assure you) take pizza slices from everyone's plates.  No one is safe.

We found a cute bakery, and because of the crowds, we didn't go inside, but I took pictures through the window.

I'm not sure if i would have liked the taste, but these are so lovely!

These look a bit like shortcake, but covered in chocolate... I wanted to try them, obviously.

There was a golden glare, but I didn't edit it out because it reflects the chocolate-crazed glint in my eye.

I'm not sure what this is, but it certainly can't be bad.

This one made me hungry.  Except I'm not sure I would eat anything from the last picture; but it's nice to look at.

And I'll stop now, because I can hear your stomach growling.  Sorry.


  1. Dear me oh my. Now I remember why I miss Italy so much.

  2. WOW.

    That sounds like such a dreamy, amazing trip!!!

    *digs in fridge*


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