Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ready, Set, Go

After the last post, I left you all hanging, and I'm sorry for that.  Mainly, I've had quite a load of schoolwork, and I didn't think it would be enjoyable for any of us, including myself, if I just wrote about the day-by-day-play-by-play.  And so, now I finally have a few things I have accumulated to post about, and I hope you enjoy it!

Lately, I've been finding joy in small things.  Throughout days of homework without a lot of respite, you being to further enjoy little moments and findings, and I'm certainly grateful for it.  Specifically, I've been enjoying music and books a lot more!  When I get the chance to take them in, it's so much sweeter.  Right now, I've been listening to two Frank Sinatra albums, Train's "Save me San Francisco" album, and Mumford and Sons' "Sigh no More."  Not to mention, I love my mom's playlist which has a lot of good Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, and all of that good stuff.

This completely fits me.  I don't prefer one genre over the other, really.  It's all based on what I decide I like right that very second... so my musical tastes are varied.  I can go from "My Funny Valentine" to "Love is a Battlefield" in two seconds flat.  And that, my readers, is so much fun. 

Also, I've been doing a Bible Study called With the Master in the School of Faith by Susan J. Heck.  I have only been doing it for a little while, so I'm not yet informed enough to give a full review.  But from what I've read so far?  It's absolutely fantastic.  It's a ladies' study, but it's not centered on emotions.  Emotions are often a trap, especially for younger girls, and so I appreciate the fact that this book is simply a straight analysis of Scripture.  The study is focused on the Book of James, and as far as I can say, I recommend it.  I love curling up in a mass of pillows on my bed with this study on my Kindle and jotting down notes and flipping through the smooth pages of my Bible.

Another thing that makes me happy is the ability to go out.  I tend to get a little bit of "cabin fever," so when my dad said that the school where he works was having a tour of a synagogue, I jumped on it.  My mom and I went with him this morning, and it was a fantastic experience.  The synagogue was in the Jewish Ghetto, and there was a time where the Jews in Rome where confined to this 4-block area next to the Tiber.  It was unhealthy, because of floods and rats and mosquitoes.  And when the Nazis came, the great majority of Jews there had 20 minutes to pack a suitcase and food for 8 days (that's how long it took to get to Auschwitz).  They were told to lock their doors and bring the key, but the majority never came back.

I've been interested for a while in the Jewish faith, and I have a great deal of respect for them.  In fact, my favorite radio talk-show host, Dennis Prager, is Jewish, and while he never argues theology, he's still one of the brightest men to whom I've ever listened.  And I've also begun cultivating a deep interest in politics, and I love to get into discussions on policies and such.  It's a shame that most of my friends agree with me!  :)

The Jewish Ghetto is actually now a very expensive neighborhood, but it's also my favorite place in Rome.  It's beautiful, and small, and not to mention, today there was nary a cloud in the sky.  I've talked about this area before, but I never knew all that went on here.  I couldn't even begin to tell you all the things I learned today!  It's certainly worth looking into.

A memorial erected after a terrorist attack... Stefano Gaj Tache' was "the victim of terrorism at only two years old."  It was saddening to see.

I love the quaintness of laundry swaying in the breeze.

My favorite fountain in all of Rome.  

It's artichoke season, and the Jewish people here apparently make great fried artichokes.  Can't wait to try!

I love the windows and colors of all these buildings.

This used to be a fish market.  Old ruins are so beautiful to me.

Stay tuned for more... we're going to Venice this weekend!  So by Tuesday I should have some new pictures up, and maybe a giveaway.  If you're nice.  :)

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