Friday, January 21, 2011

Cold as Ice

Thanks for all your great comments on the last post!! I'll be sure to look those books up.

I'll give you a little teaser, too... I'm going to have a giveaway soon, but I'm waiting for the item to ship to my house before I officially announce what it is.  It's a challenge/giveaway, so I hope y'all are wearing your smarty-pants when I post it!  Keep your eyes open for it, kids.

Today, Dad got off work early and we went to the embassy to mail some packages.  I went over to the package window to see if we happened to have any mail for us, and we did!  It was my brand new Uggs and some things from Old Navy!  I was simply beside myself with excitement.  Unfortunately, that didn't last long because I didn't quite dress warmly enough for the weather.  It's been fairly "warm" here, but the Italians bundle up like crazy if it goes below 60 degrees.  I'm usually still able to get by with a sweater and boots and leggings the past few weeks, but not today.

I should have worn a coat.  I looked at all the Italians, all toasty in their duvets down coats with fur trim, and I was a little jealous.  I need to get better at checking the weather. It's still strange for me to have to put on more clothes to go outside.  I admit, sometimes I miss the ease of slippers (or flip-flops, as y'all mainland Americans call them) and shorts.  Quite an adjustment.

Beyond that, I'm much more adjusted to the cold than I thought I would be by now.  It's not so bad if you're dressed just right, and it only ever really bothers me when I'm inside, of all things.  I don't like being cold at night when I'm trying to sleep!  Especially because I have an annoying habit of kicking my own quilt off, no matter how cold it is.  I think my body is just a little confused as to the lack of space... my bed here is very small.  But now, with my new Uggs, my feet are toasty warm.  I highly recommend them.

For now, I must bid you adieu.  I'm still a busy, busy bee, but I'm trying to find time to talk to you.  Thanks for sticking with me, folks!

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  1. Uggs make me smile :) And my feet smile too! I love how you called down coats duvets. That's now my new phrase of choice. :)

    Have a lovely weekend!


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