Friday, January 28, 2011

Haul Video/Let's De-lurk

Hiya everyone!  I finally got my haul video edited and uploaded.  I only got a few things, but I loved everything I got.  I hope you enjoy the video!

And, I will just go ahead right now and apologize for my accent.  Before I filmed it, I had been listening to a podcast by two Southern ladies, and I know that I tend to get my Southern accent really strong once I hear it from other people.  I was working really hard to tamp it down, but it's fairly clear that my efforts were mightily insufficient.  And I'm trying really hard not to notice the hair in my face and the wonky arrangement of my scarf, so please, if you will, I ask that you do the same.

I am tagging some ladies, Lauren, Emilyann, Amanda, and Valentine, to make haul videos of your own, if you please.  :)  Of course, it's totally optional, but I'd love it to pieces.

Now, I said this in the video, but it was at the end.  And let's just be honest here.  Not too many of you are going to watch that whole thing.

Basically, I just wanted to shout out to my readers, especially my lurkers.  I'd love it if you quiet folks would de-lurk, because I love seeing new people.  I know I have several followers who comment, and I so appreciate it.  But if you're not a follower, or you are a follower and have never commented, please just leave a comment and say hello, because I'd love to "meet" you!

Don't be shy!


  1. Loooooove love love love. I was so excited. Hahaha.

    First of all I adore the blue/green scarf. ADORE. And your heels are just totally fabulous. I could never ever walk in those, so I am completely impressed.

    And e.l.f. cosmetics?! Oh my goodness, Caroline, I'm beginning to think I'm never going to be able to live without your friendship. THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME. Haha. I absolutely *hate* spending so much money on makeup. I can't wait for your giveaway/to buy some of my own.

    Oh, and...
    I'm super jealous of your accent.
    Just sayin.

  2. And I will definitely make a haul video once I... haul. ;)

  3. OK. {this is going to sound like Em's comment, oh well.}
    I'm 5'8" ish.i haven't measured in a while.
    I wear a size nine.
    I LOVE those heels. and Scarf. and Necklaces. and yes, UGG's are positively ugly.

    and your accent...BAM WOW. You, as in physical looks, and accent, reminded me EXACTLY of one of my best friends Abby, who lives in Missouri. it was very weird. (:
    Greattt video! and yes, we need to skype.

  4. Carolina!!! Ahh!

    I watched the whole thing and I basically loved it. a lot. :)

    Those shoes! I just recently got a pair that are kind of similar...they're black, tall platforms with a little zipper on the back, but they're open on the front. :) Maybe I'll show them in my haul...Haha, I got all dressed up this morning, determined to film it today, but I don't think my mom will let me until I finish my Biology experiment. :( boohoo.

    Your accent is completely adorable! <3 I can't wait to meet you in real life. It'll be kind of amazing.

    Love you!!

  5. I loved your video, Caroline! I've been a fan of your blog for a while, so I'm not exactly a lurker. I love your sense of style, love all the things you got in your haul. Also, don't stop wearing heels...taller girls look awesome in them!
    Oh, and I'm a huge fan of ELF cosmetics!

  6. hahah I loved your video! Made me smile :)

  7. Ahhhh, that was so fun, Caroline!! And I looooove those heels. :) Thanks for tagging me; I'll definitely make one soon. :) Oh, and I'm super excited for the giveaway. :)

  8. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, folks! I'm so glad you liked the video. Y'all are so encouraging and have absolutely made my day. :)

  9. Hey Miss Caroline! i'm the Abby from Spanish 1 last year of VPSA. :D I love reading your blog. Love it. Even though I've never commented till now, I've been keeping up with your blog for a while. :)

    I loveedddd the video. I watched the whole thing. :) Those heels are amazing. And the scarves. And Uggs definitely look comfy, if nothing else. :P


  10. I'm not a follower, but I think you know that I read your blog... just in case you didn't know - I do! It always makes me smile and miss your family. You also give me hope as my girls grow up that they too may one day be fun, lovely, young women who live for God and have great fashion sense. :)

  11. Don't apologize about the accent - it's adorable! =] And I loved the haul (yea, I watched the whole thing)!

  12. haha sooo comfy but are really uggly<- see what i did there!!!! omg caroline do u have a skype? i mean it's like almost been a year!!!!!


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