Sunday, January 16, 2011

Love, and Loved, and Holy Light

A tapestry of blue
Blowing in the air

Whipping fro and to
A blanket of despair
Wind speeds quick
Storm clouds blow in
Out goes the wick
Slapping fabric makes a din
Words then pour from The Book
The candle flickers once again
If you see, once you look,
fire catches all we disdain
More words; small is the voice
But it overturns the lantern
once is made the choice
The tapestry catches; burn, burn, burn
Fear, anguish, pain, and fright
turn to ash in the flames
Love,and Loved, and Holy Light
No more death remains
All's gone still 
No sound can be heard
But for the fire that made death nil
The quiet voice that echoes the Word.

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