Saturday, January 22, 2011

Three Truths and Two Lies

Well, today I have absolutely nothing to say.  So what do I do when I have nothing to say?

I do a meme!

I saw this one earlier this week and thought it would be a fun game to play, since I actually have people who comment now.  So I'm relying on YOU to make this fun!

Here's the deal:  I write five things about myself.  Three are true, but TWO are false.  You have to guess which TWO are false.  First person to get the answer correct gets a poem written about them in the next post, because I really have nothing else to give you.  I'm exciting like that.

You ready?  (And remember, TWO are false.)

  • I have eaten octupus legs (I guess tentacles is a better term) and I enjoy them immensely
  • I have been on TV
  • I have had two eye surgeries
  • I won't eat burgers unless they have ketchup on them
  • I have crashed a golf cart into a tree

It's your time now, folks.  Choose wisely!  (And family, since you know the answers, don't give it away.)  :)


  1. Wow this is sneaky, but I totally know which one is the lie. I'll email you my answer

  2. a POEM? I'm all up for that. Now excuse me while I go read every single post you've ever published on here to look for clues. :)

  3. I'm guessing it's the eye surgery one. :) I'll be doing this at the bottom of my next post!


  4. Emilyann, remember, there are TWO lies. :)

  5. Two eye surgeries, and crashed a golf cart. those things are pretty darn hard to crash sooo :)

  6. Mmm...been on TV and ketchup on burgers. lol

  7. Did you, by chance, get that game from Trinity Church's Youth Group? Not trying to be RUDE, just asking.


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