Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 10

A picture of the person you do the most screwed up things with.

This one sort of cracked me up and confused me all at once.  I wouldn't say I do a whole lot of "screwed up" things, but I do get a little silly with friends.  Of course.

The hard thing is that, right now, I don't have many face to face friends.  In fact, I only have one, and I never get to see her because she's very busy.  Because I don't speak Italian and I'm the only teen at the church we're attending, and because I'm homeschooled, I'm currently in a little "alone" state in my life.

I'm not really lonely, though I do struggle with that sometimes.  I still have my friends in my online classes to Skype and email, but it's not the same as walking around and acting goofy.


My cousin, Mary, and I?  WE are really, really silly.

We've had the extreme good look to find a way to see each other about once a year, pretty much, and we have since we were little. We email, but when we get together, the world needs to look out.  Take a dramamine, universe, because it's going to be a bumpy ride.

We saw each other just a couple of weeks ago, and she won the lobster race held in the driveway at our family reunion.

Photo courtesy of my favorite brother:

Ain't she purty?

We've been known to flat boogie down in the middle of any given store if a good tune comes on, to scream out lyrics to pop music at any given time, scream about Justin Bieber in any given listener's face, nap on the same sofa even though we're too tall and long-legged to do that anymore, laugh about made up words, shorten words such as "adorbs" "presh" and "totes" just to be obnoxious, call each other made up names (lately it's Maroon and Cerulean), and, apparently, cuddle with lobsters.

Love you, girl.  :)

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