Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 4, and a plea to the guys and the girls

A picture of your night.

I like to wind down by dabbling in my makeup and doing fun, crazy looks.  You should see some of the things I do to my face sometimes!

Tonight I didn't actually play with my makeup much, I just was testing a new smoky eyeliner trick I made up.  But I did curl my hair, because if I curl my hair at night about an hour before I go to bed (it needs to cool completely) it looks great in the morning, and that cuts a good amount of time from my getting-ready schedule.

I'm pretty sure I just heard all the boys who read this blog go "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH."  And oh?  What's that?  Ah, it's the collective clicking of a bunch of red X's in the top corner of their internet browsers.



In other, more gender-neutral news, if there are even any males still with us after that one, I've got the terrible urge to read something amazing.  I want something with adventure; something that will make my heart pound.  Something with great writing and a dose of levity here and there?

Now that I'm done being overly-specific, do you have any suggestions?  Really, please let me know if you can think of anything.  Just leave a little comment.  And most of my commenters are girls, so let's switch it up.  Girls should definitely still comment on this one, but guys, don't be shy, I don't bite.

I see y'all on my followers list.  I know you're there.  I trust your knowledge on adventurous tales.  Boys seem to like that sort of thing, or so I hear.

Just give a blogger a hand.  I'll even announce which book I chose!

Thanks for not leaving me, even after all this effort I'm forcing you to put forth.



  1. what about Ranger's Apprentice?

  2. Gone With the Wind.
    you HAVE to read it. please.

  3. The Scarlet Pimpernel! This has the adventure, suspense, and the wit that I'm sure you would love!

  4. The Book Thief. Absolutely AMAZING. It's sad at the end, just warning you. But it is so so so so fantastic.

    I just love it lots.

    If you want a girly book, try Matched or Anna and the French Kiss. I haven't finished Anna (it's a long story), so I can't swear on it, but so far it's been good. And Matched is just amazing overall. :)

  5. OK well first, sorry this comment is so old. second, whether or not you bite remains to be seen;) third, I loved reading the Artemis Fowl books. if you haven't read them already, they are fantastic, thrilling and they are written very well.


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