Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 11 and a rolling GROWL to Congress or whoever thought of this silly idea

A picture of something you hate.

I still haven't bounced back from losing that hour of sleep, I think.

Part of me wants to run for president just so I can try to repeal this nonsense hour-losing business.  Standard time worked JUST fine for thousands of years.

No, I'm not bitter.  Just sleepy.


In other news, as you read this, I should be arriving back in Rome.  I set this to post on Wednesday so I wouldn't forget.

I can tell you that I already miss my extended family and the puppy, but I'm happy to see my dad and to get back into a regular routine.  Getting over jet-lag is going to be rough going, but I'm a pretty good sleeper.

Have a great day, and take a nap for me, will ya?

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  1. Losing an hour is such a pain, but gaining that hour in the fall is almost worth it!


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