Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 12 (Almost missed it!!)

A picture of something you love.

I nearly forgot to do today's challenge, I was so busy!  But this one was easy, because I love a lot of things.  So, naturally, I picked the most recent that has absolutely filled my heart with joy.

Right now, I love.......


My dear Amanda.  She is one of the sweetest girls I know, and I think I absolutely realized she was amazing when she posted this on Gmail:

"you are the cheese to my mac, the spaghetti to my meatball, the Carolini to my Mandaroni."

Yes, we made each other's names into pastas.  :)  

That message alone is probably why I had to post this! I love you, Mandaroni!

Now, I'm off to bed. 


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  1. Ahhhh! I almost died when I saw my name. :) You are so so so sweet. I can't believe how fast we clicked. It was like........BAM. Friends. hehe :) I loooove you so much Carolini. <3


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