Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas in Italy

Twinkling lights like golden embers
I always look forward to Decembers
Shimmers strung all down the lane
Blooming, burning like a flame

Cheeks aglow and heart on fire
Step by step, my soul lifts higher
Skillful street-players playing their music
My footsteps match the beat, be it slow or quick

Painters and dancers and singers and more
Window-shopping is never a chore
Staring into shops while a violinist plays
"La Vie en Rose" and my whole body sways

The streets in Italy are flooded with people
Around every corner rises a steeple
Walk in any church and you will find a scene
A scene of Nativity, surrounded with green

Christmas in Italy is pleasant and sweet
Getting broad smiles from storekeepers you meet
Bright lights and people, cold air in the street
Christmas in Italy is magic, so sweet.

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