Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lisa- in Pictures!

My friend Lisa is here staying with me, as you know, and she's just a doll for doing so because she's getting married on New Year's Eve!  That's right, she's tying the knot in a mere 25 days, but she sacrificed her time to stay with me.  That's love, everyone.  We met in Hawaii at my church, and she also met her fiance in Hawaii.  Now, she's here with me and we've been having a BLAST!

First thing, we went to the Trevi Fountain at night....

Second, we went to the Colosseum, where we looked around and acted a little bit silly.

Do not enter!

We look a little bit craz.... um, I mean happy!

The next day, we went to the Spanish steps....

And of course we window-shopped all the way down famous Via Del Corso.....

Apparently we also smelled some chestnuts roasting on an open-faced grill.
We went to the Piazza del Popolo and made each other laugh, per usual.

After deciding we were in danger of hypothermia, we stopped in for a coffee at a cafe.  I then remembered that Italians apparently make really thick, yummy hot chocolate, so we ordered that instead.

Good call.

Next day, we went in the Pantheon.

And later, I told Lisa how much I LOVE makeup.... so she let me use her as a model!  She's very photogenic, no?  I took all these pictures just in case I ever need a portfolio if I decide to be a makeup artist, which is always on the table.

For the style above, she wanted something dark, and I added a pop of purple and pink to make it fun.

For this next one, I designed it based on a holiday party, so it's green and shimmery.
And this next one was more vintage with thick liner and red lips.  This was her favorite of the three!

We also went to Florence.  We have both decided we would die to live there!
Happy Lisa!

Amazing street chalk.

The Christmas lights were up!

I was rolling my eyes because there were two people next to me PDA-ing.  That's Italy for you.

The weather was crisp and the river was STUNNING!

Waffles covered in chocolate. 'Nuff said.

Obviously, we take a lot of pictures.  All of these are courtesy of Lisa's amazing camera, but we took turns snapping the shots.  I've got some more coming up later, stay tuned.  



  1. All I can that hot chocolate and chocolate waffle look REALLY good. ohhh my goodness.

    oh, and you two are beautiful :)

  2. They WERE really good. My waistline hates me.

    Aww thanks, love. :D

  3. I am really impressed with your picture taking ability lately. Maybe you should get a camera like mine :)

  4. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? that chocolate just made me as jealous as ever.
    I'll be there in fifteen minutes.

  5. Will, I used Lisa's cam on these, and she has the same as you. :) And it's mostly me editing. :P

    Annie, I KNOW!! I died momentarily when all that chocolate was put in front of me. I so WISH you could be here! You and your family need to visit me when I'm in Brussels, land of waffles and chocolate. :P


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