Friday, December 3, 2010

Very Stylish Girls- Fall/Winter 2010 fashion trends

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I decided to launch right ahead with my new series.  I hope to do this perhaps once a week, but we all know I have issues with doing bloggy things when I set a schedule.  So let's not get our hopes up, shall we?

It's cold outside, people!  It's time to break out the coats and boots and warm socks, and this year's trends are really very cute.  This season's colors are absolutely my favorites to wear.

Of course, this little palette doesn't include the popular colors that are obvious, like black and white and navy blue.  Those sorts colors will never go out of style!  My favorite color is purple, so I'm thrilled that it's now considered very "in."

Now, we'll move on to types of clothing.

1.  Ponchos:

These are so fashionable right now!  I have this one, from H&amp;M:
It's very warm and cozy to boot.  

I also like this style.  It's really a shirt, but it still has the poncho vibe, and is a more understated way to follow the trend. 


2.  Boots

Boots are always practical, and luckily very cute.  Riding boots like these are very popular lately:


Also, for fancier events, point toe boots never go out of style.


3:  Jeans

Flares are no longer in style, and boot cuts are purely for function.  The trend now is skinny jeans all around.  It doesn't work for everybody, but if it works for you, rock on!  I love my skinnies, especially tucked in boots.


The darker the better with your jeans this season!  No acid washes (EVER) or faded light blues.  And please, if you wear jean-leggings, wear a long shirt or a dress.  The tighter the pants, the longer the shirt, that's what I always say.  Actually, I made that up just now.  But it's true.

And boys, please refrain from wearing skinny jeans.  Please.

4.  Coats

Camel coats are really in, but other than that, coats will be coats.  No one is going to fault you for wearing a functional coat when it's cold outside!  But just for reference, I love this camel coat:

That's all I've got for now, folks.  It's late and I must be going to bed.  This is really just skimming the surface, but it would take days to talk about all the trends.  But I hope this series will be fun!  Feel free to grab my button and make your own post on anything style-related.  Make sure to leave a comment below telling me you did!


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  1. love this post! :) and that first poncho is cuuuute.


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