Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I make up for the pizza with all the walking

Today was Lisa's last day here, so we went out and crammed in as much as we could.  I also managed to get a Christmas present for someone in my family.... this is a new record for me in non-procrastination regarding Christmas gift-giving.  Round of applause, please.

Thank you.

These pictures are from yesterday.  I'll post the ones from today later... I'm too lazy exhausted to work on those photos at the moment.  We went to Trastevere, which is the place where the "real" Romans live, and it's beautiful  We went to the Jewish Quarter first, and then to the best pizzeria in all of Italy.  I take all of my visitors there for the artichoke and mozzarella on foccacia pizza. You heard me right.  It's delicious.

To get to Trastevere, we have to cross the most beautiful bridge, the Ponte Garibaldi, that spans over the Tiber.

We really like trying to be fancy photographers.  Obviously.  But Lisa's camera gives me camera jealousy... I just have a measly point and shoot.  (Though for a point and shoot, it rocks off both my socks. 12.1 megapixels of hot pink brilliance.)

Scooting on over to the bakery, we noshed on some pizza.  And when we were at the Jewish Quarter, where I take all my visitors as well, we took pictures of this fountain.

There's a very interesting story behind it, actually.  A young man was gambling with a duke, who happened to be his future father-in-law.  The young man wagered everything, and lost it all, including his fiancée.  He was terribly upset, but quick on his feet.  He bet the duke that if he could put up a fountain in the piazza by morning, the duke would have to give everything back to him.  The duke, of course, laughed in his face and agreed, because who can make and install a fountain overnight?  Little did he know that the man had already had a fountain made and ready to install, and simply had his men put it in a few days earlier than they had planned.  Tricky, tricky.  So, boy gets money, estate, and girl, and duke gets... a new fountain.  The end.

Lastly, I'd like to leave you with a photo of the Teatro di San Marcellus.  It's a beautiful theater, but get this:  it's rumored that Sofia Loren herself owns this apartment.....

Quite neat, is it not?  I would have been more excited if it had been previously owned by Audrey Hepburn.  But a girl can only dream...

Until next time, my friends.


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