Monday, December 13, 2010

Letters to the world

I am taking a quick study break to say hello.  All of the books I've read on studying well say that you should stop intermittently to do something enjoyable for a few minutes, so this is what I've chosen.  I like you guys that much.

Dear neighbors upstairs,

You were doing fabulously for a while, but I think your toddler must have found the pots and pans, which he likes to bang repeatedly on your floor, which is my ceiling.  And that's all I have to say about that.


Dear weather,

I love you.  You make my heart happy.  I love that when I go to take the trash out across the street and up a ways, I have to put on a hat and a coat and a scarf.  I've never been so happy about weather in my life.

With much love,

Dear Dell,

Stop making computers.

No really, I mean it,

Dear Geometry,

Though at times you confuse me, you still often amuse me, and I loveth you better than algebra of old.  I like to draw squares, and triangles, and lines, it's better than algebra, by twofold.
Stay beautiful,


  1. Dear Caroline, I agree about Dell.

    Mac all the way.

    xx, Katie


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