Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 3? - Photo Project: In which I lose the means by which to take actual photos

It's very hard to do a photo project when one has misplaced his/her camera cord.

I promise I'm not ignoring you!  I just have been doing a lot of laundry while my mother's away, I went to the gym, I've been doing summer reading assignments, and the like.  So I apologize.

I'm going to do something wild and crazy and skip day 2 of the photo project since I can't find my cord, though I do have a picture. (I didn't like that assignment anyway) So we're on to day 3!

What did I do today?

Cleaned!  My room is actually tidy and my bathroom is spotless.  I'm still working on laundry.  And guess what? It's only 10 am,  all thanks to me getting up early to go somewhere and finding out in the middle of putting on my makeup that the trip was cancelled. And no one had told us. Naturally, I started cleaning.

Mom, when you finally come home this evening, your house will be nice and prim for ya.  :)

Um, and may I just mention, my brother is in COLLEGE now?  This is weird.  I don't even... I can't... I mean... weren't we just in elementary school?

Oh childhood, where hast thou gone?  You have been borne away on the wings of responsibility!  Nary a day goes by when I do not wonder how you steal so silently away leaving us to ponder when and how you left! Thou shall ne'er be forgotten!

Not to be dramatic or anything.

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