Monday, August 30, 2010

It didn't bite my hand off, or else I wouldn't be typing this

I had a spectacular day.  My cold is gone (I guess it was a 24 hour thing) and I got up around 9 this morning.  I rolled out of bed, ate some cinnamon toast crunch, read some of my book, and my mom gave me some folders, tabbed dividers, some markers, and a binder.  I organized my binder for "Tapestry of Grace," which is sort of like a Bible, History, and Literature curriculum rolled up into one.  It's real purty.

After that, I ate lunch and my mom and I figured out when my online classes start and I looked around on the website to see who is going to be in my classes.  I think it'll be so much fun!  I'm actually excited.

Now ask me how excited I am in, eh, four months.

Or don't.

Moving on... Dad got home from his first day of school around 12:45-ish, and we went on a journey! We took the bus to the train station, hopped a metro, and went to 'Circo Massimo' or "Circus Maximus," but there wasn't a lot to see.  Except, and we saw this over seven times today I'm sure, it's not a stereotype when people say Italians are very into PDA.  It's... gross. Especially when the couple is directly in front of some lovely bit of ancient history that you're trying to look at.  Or right in front of you on the bus. Or right in front of you in line for something. Or... you get the picture.  They're everywhere.

You know, we've actually found that none of the stereotypes of Italians are unfounded.  And I kind of love it! I mean, I don't love the pda, but I love the passionate flailing of arms while speaking, the upturned noses of the Italian women, the fact that "Mamas" are the most important person in the family and are looked up to supremely, the love for real living, the love for really good food, etc.  It's charming... for the most part!

After Circo Massimo, we walked to the Tiber river, and on the way, we stumbled upon the MOUTH OF TRUTH!  Yes, for you fellow Audrey Hepburn fans, this is the exact place where the darling girl almost put her hand in the movie 'Roman Holiday.'  I was so excited!  But strangely, there was no line to go up to it in the movie.


We then walked along the Tiber.  It was actually really beautiful!  Some parts where gross, but most of it was pretty, and it amazes me that the Italians think absolutely NOTHING of it.  It's really unfortunate.  After that, we walked along a really quaint, charming, adorable, and somewhat Bohemian area.  We all decided we want to live there. ;)  It all led up to the Piazza Santa Maria, where we got refreshments.  We walked for a while and got some gelato in front of the Colosseum.

It was such a pleasant trip, and the weather was actually cool!  I think my complaining actually worked!

Well probably not.

But I'd like to think it was me. :)

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