Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Taste You Can See


Today has been a lazy day for me and my mom.  Dad has been out in Naples fetching supplies (I'm terribly excited that he was able to get Cinnamon Toast Crunch because I'm a junkie) and doing some other things.  Of what nature these other things are I'm not entirely sure because Cinnamon Toast Crunch?  Yes.

Suffice it to say, I slept in.  Shocker.  But only till about 10 or so.  ;)  I worked on my blog template for a while and realized I was hungry.  And because we had no Cinnamon Toast Crunch by this time, I ate bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic.  No, not really breakfast, but granted, it was 11:45 and I wanted it so I ate it.

Then, I basically worked on my blog for several more hours because blogger hates me and then sat down for some good old Friday Night Lights action.

(And as a side note:  May I mention that all of you need to watch this show.  Friday Night Lights.  Remember it.)

There's a little store downstairs called the Tabacchi.  Yes, it is what you were thinking.  But actually, tobacco is just about the smallest section of the store.  Mainly it's snack items, little things you might need, and sandwiches.  But most importantly, in the left corner by the register is a gelateria.

So all morning I was sort of thinking about maybe getting a gelato... and then mom started wondering if we had any tea in this hotel.  I, being the very observant and focused individual that I am, vaguely remembered that there may have possibly been some boxes of teabags downstairs if she wanted a quick cup.

I rushed down to the little store and picked her up a box of English Breakfast or something of that nature, and sidled over to the gelateria.  Now, keep in mind, I'm in a foreign country.  So by this point, I'm very nervous.  I'm a young girl in a store full of grown-ups who don't know any English.  (Lunch hour was not a great time to go to the store.)

With butterflies flitting in my belly, I walked up to the gelato counter.  And waited.  The guy who was making paninis finally saw me, and walked to the counter.  I pointed to the 2,50 euro cone and said "Un cono di frutti di bosco."  (Frutti di Bosco was a purple gelato I had noticed while waiting oh-so-patiently, and because of it's purple nature, I had to order it.)

And thank Heavens, he understood me!  After a quick "Grazie!"  I walked to the cashier and waited in line whilst licking my gelato.  It was a delicious raspberry treat, and, well, I meant to take a picture to post here, but I forgot.  Sorry.

Now I'm back in the hotel room, and am feeling quite alive after a cup of espresso that I brewed for myself. I think we're going to go take a look at our new apartment in a bit, so maybe I'll take some pictures on the way.


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