Friday, August 27, 2010

How you feeling? Hot! Hot! Hot!

Today was.... Scalding.

The sun really beats down in dear ol' Roma.  If you can find some shade, you're ok, but wowza, it's HOT.  

We got up and left the apartment around 8:30, and then we headed by metro with some of my dad's fellow students at NATO to the Embassy.  We did some walking around there (I felt wonderfully official)  and then we walked a bit with RF and her family and went to eat at Hard Rock Cafe.  Had a "Legendary Burger."  It pretty much lived up to it's name, but I'm not a huge fan of cheddar cheese on my burger and I forgot to ask for no cheese.  Nothing compares to the Yardhouse.  (Google it, find one near you, and then eat there.  This minute.  I'll wait.)

But, through all this, I was a melty mess.  I mean it was so ridiculously hot, I'm surprised I didn't die of heat stroke.  And I was wearing white jeans and heels.  It wasn't so terribly bad (luckily my shoes were comfy and there's lots of shade near the embassy) but it was still enough to make me literally start praying for some cool weather.  I can't wait to break out the boots and the trench coats!  I haven't done that in... over eight years.  I'm pretty much over the moon about having actual seasons.

After lunch, we took the train to a place that supposedly had a bus to take us home, found out that was not in fact the place, walked a bit (a lot), found a place with a bus that would take us to the mall.  Mom and I went in the mall, Dad walked home from the mall in the heat (he's a sweet, sweet Dad)  to pick up the car at our house, and then drove back to the mall to pick us up.  We came home, I put on my pajamas (at 3 pm, no less) and chilled out.  Because I am exhausted. 

Checked my email, had a request for a last-minute babysitting job, accepted, and am about to leave the apartment.  Hence the quick, choppy sentences.

Buona sera, mi amici.

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