Monday, August 9, 2010

In which I dye

Yesterday, we went to Naples!  Naples is where the military base is, and the groceries and such are at least 50% cheaper than groceries off base, so we went there to buy bulk items that we need.  It's a long drive.  two hours there, two hours back.  I hear the scenery is beautiful!

But wait, you ask, did you not go too?  Wouldn't you have seen the scenery for yourself?

Ha. Y'all must be joking.  Remember how I said in the last meme that I sleep in the car?  On the way there, I fell asleep before we even got out of our town, and on the way back, I tried SO hard to stay awake... but couldn't.  I slept the whole way, both ways.

But anyway, we went into the exchange first which has clothes and house items and electronics and so on.  We picked up things we needed, including a TomTom gps system, and then put it all in the car.  We then walked over to the commissary and bought all our bulk groceries and some coolers in which to put the cold/frozen things.

Interesting fact:  In one of the aisles in the commissary, there's glass flooring.  Under this flooring you can see ancient ruins.  It was so cool!  I tried to get a picture but they didn't turn out because of the lighting reflecting off the glass.

We then returned home and ate dinner, and then we called Will to chat for a while.  After that..... I highlighted my hair.  At home.

I've been wanting highlights for FOREVER.  My mom and dad just won parents of the year award for letting me! :)  I got something called "Frost and Glow" in "Chestnut."

Yes, like the ones you roast over an open fire.  With Jack Frost nipping at your nose.

It took a while to get my hair pulled through this weird cap-thingamadoojie, and then I "painted" the mix on my hair.  I sat down with my ipod and chilled out for 20 minutes while it sat.  When my timer went off, I hopped up and looked in the mirror... and almost fainted.

My hair. was. WHITE.

So, per the instructions, I LEAPED into the shower and used the toner shampoo and conditioner and then came out, feeling like I had just lost a limb.  I looked in the mirror...

And it wasn't white anymore! Praise!!!

I blow-dried it and it had perfect (subtle) reddish-brown highlight.  I was (and still am) thrilled.  But, that whole little side-story was probably really boring...

Moving on.

Today I must clean my room, for we have finally bought hangers and I can now officially put the suitcases away.  We'll probably go on a walk around my neighborhood a bit later.

Ciao for now!

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