Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Everyone knows Italy is famous for its gyoza

I think I'm having quite the streak of lovely days, for this was one as well as yesterday.  I woke ate 7, yet again, and had a delicious bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. Next, we took my dear mother to the airport.  She's heading to help my brother get settled at college, you see.  She should be somewhere up in the sky right about now!

Dad and I drove from the airport to the mall, Euroma Due, and just killed some time there for a while.  We got espresso at a cafe, and then walked around.  I was very upset when I saw the perfect shoe that I've been looking for for several months (a skin-colored high heel) on the clearance rack at one of the stores.  I hyperventilated and rushed over to the shoe.  I haven't quite figured out Italian sizing yet, so I tried it on... and I couldn't even get my heel in.

Dashed hopes.  My dreams are dead.  Every one of them.

Then I went over to babysit the cutie-pies on our block for an hour while their parents ran an errand, and then I came home and read the afternoon away.  Around 7 pm (now, I like 7 pm!) we left the house to go to dinner.  We went to a little Chinese/Japanese restaurant (none of the restaurants here are just Japanese or just Chinese, always both) , and it was pretty good.  I had been craving some sushi and some sticky rice, and thank goodness, I got some!  I also got some yummy gyoza.

Now, Dad and I are watching Breakfast at Tiffany's.  It's his first time seeing it, and my 4500th.  This is what my dad and I do on daddy-daughter dates, we eat Chinese or sushi and then watch something.  Sometimes it's Audrey, sometimes it's a play, sometimes we go see a movie.  It's just always turned out that way, and it's so fun.

By the way, let the record show that I have a very cool dad.  He walks around the mall with me (going into the stores and not complaining once) and doesn't mind watching Audrey Hepburn movies.  He just likes to hang out with me! How great is that?

100 cool points, y'all.

Have a lovely evening/morning/afternoon!!


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