Wednesday, August 4, 2010

La mia cena...

Tonight, I made supper for mi famiglia.  It was a fun little time in the kitchen, albeit hot and cramped.

I made farfalle pasta with pesto, tomatoes, pancetta (basically Italian bacon), and a couple anchovies for my parents.  I dislike anchovies.  A lot.

I also made a little Caprese salad, minus basil (*WAIL* *GNASH TEETH*) because Tuodi, our little market, didn't have any.  I brought out a little bread and a plate of olive oil and balsamic for dipping.

I'm stupid.  Why?  Because I was too hungry forgot to take pictures of the pretty meal.  But, alas, I did take pictures after the fact.  So, here you go!

My little dessert of milk and strawberries.  It makes me so very happy!
Bread and dip.  (Yummy bread)
Dismembered Caprese Salad
The market where we get our food.

The last of the yummy pesto farfalle.

(Sorry if the spacing on the pictures is weird; I'm a novice.)

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