Friday, August 6, 2010

I Dream of Memes #1: My Answers

Well, I honestly thought I'd wait a day or two before writing down my meme answers, but unfortunately, I got sick and am now laid up on the sofa... with nothing to do.  (Even t.v. is a no go.  The only channels in English are BBC and CNN.)  So here I go.

Goodness, who get's sick on their first week in ROME?

Oh yeah.  I do.

1.  What did you want to be when you grew up? (You can name up to 3 occupations.)

I wanted to be several things, and it changed based on the day.  But I think my main dreams were chef, ranch-owner, and actress.  Two of those are still dreams of mine...

I'll let you guess on that one. 

2.  Name one (or two, I'm not gonna fight ya) traditions that your family always (and maybe still does) uphold.

Let's see... I suppose one tradition that my family upholds is the way we celebrate Christmas.  It's practically the same every year.  I love it! :)
3.  What was one thing you had to have to be able to sleep as a small child? (examples: blankies, night-light, glass of warm milk, etc.)

Ever since I can remember, I'm quite the little sleeper, and I don't need anything to sleep.  The second my bottom hits the seat when we get in the car, I'm asleep.  The second my head hits the pillow, I'm out.  If I sit down and don't do anything, I'm instantly in dreamland.

Suffice it to say, I've never once counted sheep!
4.  What pet did you have when you were little?

My family has never been a pet family... We've never had a large pet like a cat or a dog.  BUT, we've had fish.  LOTS of fish.  And one frog who died an entirely tragic death.  R.I.P, Kermit.  

I won't go into that one.

5.  Were you the kid who was inside reading during recess, or the one out playing with the other kids?  (Homeschoolers:  you can just tell us what you do for a break during the school day.)  

I did actually go to a private school in 3rd and 4th grade, and I was the inside kid.  I mean, I went outside a lot, but I always had a book.  I didn't play softball or basketball, and NEVER did I play dodgeball.

I have a fear of flying objects.
6.  What was your favorite dish that your mama cooked?

I think my favorite was chicken and rice.  It wasn't the chicken and rice you're thinking, with cheese and the works, it was just simple brown rice with pieces of chicken cooked in it.  And it is the BEST TASTING MEAL on the planet.  MY mama always makes the chicken really tender and the rice has a nice flavor.  Yum.

7.  Name a favorite memory or two from as early as you can remember.

Well, I remember this really bright light....

Just kidding.

No, an early memory (I guess I was three or four) is of my brother and I on our enclosed porch when we lived in Florida, and he shot one of his Hot Wheels off the track (Or was it a lego..?  It's a fuzzy memory) and broke the light in the ceiling.  I like that memory because it was a HUGE deal to us then, because we were so little, and now I just think about it and giggle.

8.  What was one thing you really wanted for a birthday or Christmas and never got?

I really wanted a pony.

I guess you can imagine how that panned out.
9.  What did you do for fun when you had nothing else to do?   

I read a lot, and I would climb the plumeria tree in our backyard on the base in Hawaii with my brother.  Sometimes I rode my scooter or my bike.  I was a lot more adventurous then!

10.  In what ways has your personality changed since you were little?

As I said, I am less adventurous now.  But I think I'd also say I'm a little bit less shy.  I still don't like going into a room of people I don't know, but I love meeting new people as long as I'm in a situation that I'm familiar with, like my house or my church.  So, I love meeting new people but I don't like being the new person, if that makes sense.  

I also actually brush my hair now! ;)

That's all, folks!  Please leave your responses to these questions in the original meme post.

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