Monday, August 16, 2010

An interview with my brother, WMP

My brother and I hopped on the video chat and I gave an impromptu interview.

Hi! What’s your name and what is your profession?
Will Malone Photography.
Are you sure your name is Will Malone Photography? I can't believe you got your first question wrong.
No, don’t type that! That's not what I meant.
*Hums innocently*
How old are you?
Oh really?
No, 18. hey wait, am I on the record here?
Yes. Did you know that Brazil was named after the nut, and not the other way around?
I need more than one word answers.
No seriously. 
(At this point our conversation is interrupted by an internet connection problem)
What do you do?
(All I can hear is fuzz)
Oh.  How do you take pictures?
With my camera. What a silly question.
Use your words, Willie.  How much do you make a year?
0 dollars.  Actually, I’m not at liberty to say
I’m not at liberty to say.
What is your favorite camera brand?
Nikon. Period.
Why do you use so many punctuations in your everyday speech?
I like perfect grammar. I talk like I’m one of my essays, everyday. Period.
Are you saying that most ofyour language consists of run-on sentences?
Because of my poor ability to write you may notice many run on sentences that is because I am a bad writer and I don’t write deep blogs like yours but I take pictures and I actually don’t write too good.
Oh hush.  Self-respect, brother. What kind of gear do you use out in the field?
Let me run through my supplies. Nikon D3000 camera body, an 18-55 mm. wide angle lense, switch it up to a 55-200 mm. zoom lense.  I have a Vivitar series one auto focus flash, oh and also, Bill goes with me on the field.  And my iphone. And my macbook. I love apple.
What does all that mean?  But I love apples too! What’s your favorite kind!
The corporation kind!
Oh, you mean non-organic ones!
Let’s get on with the interview please. Time is money.
But I thought you said you make 0 dollars a year!
Would you rather take pictures of food for the rest of your life or take pictures of Bill for the rest of your life?
Um, I would have to say Bill the duck. I could put him any location, any scene.  Bill the duck is my mascot. Food is… Food, you know?
Yes, I know.  Speaking of food, what’s your favorite type of photography?
Don’t have a favorite. I like to be artistic.
Where are you going to school?
School of hard rock, baby.
No way? me too!
I am actually attending Covenant College for my freshman year in college and I hope to go for the next four years.
You hope??
Yeah, I hope it works out.
You better not let mom see this interview.
Don’t post this.
Ok, I promise.  Who’s your favorite photographer?
It's a match up between Peter Lik or Scott Kelby.
How do you spell that?
And Lik has no c.
Yeah, I know, I’ve been in his store too!
It’s a gallery!
Yeah, I know, I’ve been in his gallery too!
You should interview more people. You need practice.
Ok.  Like who?
Editor-in-chief of palmtreepundit. Or Ree Drummond, editor-in-chief of The Pioneer
Um ok.  Ask what my favorite blogs are.
HEY. Who’s the interviewer here.  What are your favorite blogs?
Pastawaffles is pretty good--
Hold up! It’s pasta AND waffles.
Scott kelby is pretty good, Pioneer Woman photo, palmtreepundit, yaknow.
K, this interview’s over.
What? Why?
I know you love me to PIECES, but it’s just gonna be too long. 
Ok, fine.  Love you bye. 

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