Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm sorry if there are typos. I can't see the screen through my tears of joy.

I am.  Very much.

I started our little photo project yesterday... and totally missed day two.

Woops.  But, I have an excuse! Kind of. I got up at 7 (Oh, my plight) and went to babysit from morning till evening.  So I have a reason for not posting a picture of myself in what I'm wearing today because, well frankly, you wouldn't want to see it.  And I'm about to get in my jammies anyway.  So it's a no go.  But tomorrow, I promise to assault your eyes with my fabulous ensemble. Hardy. Har. Har.

So yes, I babysat for quite some time today, and that's why this post is short.  3 kids equals? A lot of "Look Miss Caroline, look!  Play Miss Caroline, play!  Why are you in fetal position, Miss Caroline, why?"

Oh I kid. They're cute. :)  And they have dimples.  So it's ok with me.

I'm watching Discovery Channel (Man vs. Wild, please!) with my father and tomorrow I get to sleep in.

I think I just shed a tear.

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