Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Call me Sneller. Tory Sneller.

*DISCLAIMER:  I am not responsible for any tears of boredom, sleepy eyes, and inactive brain cells that may or may not follow the reading of this post.  Side effects of reading this post may include frustration, confusion, annoyance, headaches, nausea, and serious illness/and or death.*

Today, I shall write a list.  No, not coherent paragraphs, just a list.

1.  I'm writing a list because I have serious writer's block.

2.  I have writer's block because I've been typing non-stop at a self-imposed project I'm working on, and it's sucking the story-teller out of me.  In fact, it's sucking the very brain out of me because I almost just typed 'tory-sneller" instead of story-teller.

3.  Sadly, that is not a joke.

4.  Yesterday was not a very busy day, which was nice.  It was my last official day of summer, I think!  Today I have my first orientation for an online class.

5.  I'm very excited.  I have decorated organized the majority of my binders.  One to go.

6.  I just made some espresso.  I think I could sure use it, don't you?

7.  I stayed up really late last night.  REALLY late.  I was working on my project.

8   Because of number 7, I slept in till 11 today. Mom said she did a bunch of stuff in my room, opened my shade (which opens very loudly), hung clothes on my balcony, and did laundry in the laundry room adjacent to my room and I never. moved.

9.  That's awesome.

10.  Wish I could give you a number 10, but... I'm not that interesting.

Good-bye for now!  

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