Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apiphobia's the name, COMPLETE AND UTTER TERROR is the game.

I'm sitting at my desk, aka our breakfast room table, and having a quick snack break.  I thought I'd drop in and apologize for a grave error I have made in my life.

I have never believed in phobias.

I always sort of thought that phobias were simply had by people who just really don't have much to 'em.  You know... hypochondriacs, silly geese, and the like. And you know what?

I was so wrong.

Why the sudden change of heart, you ask?  Because I've quite literally, no joke, developed a phobia.


The little buggers, or any other stinger-bug like wasps and yellow jackets, scare the jeepers out of me.  If one gets near me (and, several people have noted they actually follow me around) I flip out.  I. Must. Run.

Mom always calmly tells me to stand still, and they won't bother me... but to no avail.  Something triggers in me and I must flee the scene, which turns into me looking like an idiot in front of whoever's watching.  My heart pounds wildly, and I dance around trying to make sure it doesn't. touch. me.  If I see one land on a person, I step back and feel the need to warn them, though I try to be calm.  I lose control of my body and it generally just takes off in the opposite direction of said stinger-creature.  My mouth goes dry, I shake, and at times, I've been known to squeal.  RF thinks it's funny, because it kind of is.  After the fact, I realize what a silly goose I am.  But all the while, while I convince myself it's irrational, my eyes are wide open.  Looking for bees.

So, in a nutshell, I'm a weirdo.

Thank you.  Have a bee-free day.

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