Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Oh dear.

This day is just positively worrisome.  And I like to keep it real.  So I'm gonna tell you allllll about it.  Come on, it'll be fun! Just like plucking out every eyelash one by one!

I woke up without a voice and with a sore throat, and I had chills.  Mama suggested Tylenol, so I took it.  I started to feel better after a couple hours.  Then, I really needed to recharge my phone plan because my phone was practically screaming at me that "funds were insufficient."

So, after deciding I was well enough, I pulled on some clothes and was out the door to walk down the street where I recharge my phone's plan. Bad idea.  When I got home, I was worse, and I can barely concentrate on school.

Not to mention I ended up recharging not my number, but my mom's number.  So I'm still stuck... And there's no way I'm going back today.

Also, today I have a rhetoric class, and I'm afraid I'm going to scare everybody with my creepy raspy voice.

And, did I mention it's COLD HERE??  As in, I had a sniffle-y nose by the time I made it to the recharge-place.  And in the apartment, the air isn't even on and I'm wearing socks.  Normally, I would love it, but not today.

Don't get any closer.  You might catch my whine flu.

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