Monday, September 13, 2010

A Haiku. Just for You.

I'll write a post soon
For now, I do my homework
And rub my poor feet.  

(I walked 12 miles yesterday.  Stand by for a long-winded little post.)

Buona Mattina, e nel caso io non ti vedo, buona pomeriggio, buona sera, e buona notte.

If you can guess what (or at least movie of origin) that quote is up thar that I put into Italian, you get a gold star.  No seriously.  A gold star.  Just. for. you.

(And if my quote has Italian grammatical errors, don't be surprised.)

(I'm only human)

(Nothing but a little girl.)

(Just a wee lass.)

(And google translate can be rather poop-y.)

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