Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Boulevard of Broken... Ancient Structures?

I'm a bad person.

This blog thing.  Well.  I'm not very great at it, apparently.  I just am far too slow.  But, I've finally sat down with some time to write!

Let's start with Saturday.  Pancakes.  My book.  Pajamas.  A nap... at 12 pm.  Because of said pancakes.

That pretty much sums it up.  You may be wondering "Why art thou so impossibly lazy?"  Well!  Be not disheartened!  I wasn't the only one.  Mom and I both rested, while dad did some studying.  But our excuse explanation is that we wanted to be well rested for Sunday.

"Why," you ask, "Would one rest to be well rested on Sunday which is the day of rest?"

This particular Sunday, dear readers, was not restful.  I woke at 6 (I'M SORRY, WHAT?) and then showered, put on jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes.  This does not sound like the Caroline you know, does it?  I know.  It even surprised me.

Moving on, we left to take the Subway to Piramide (named, aptly, for the large pyramid outside of the station) and met other people from my dad's college.  My buddy, RF, waved a chocolate croissant in my face as I sipped my dainty cappucino, and then we set off.

We set off.  On a twelve mile walk.

I was fresh as a daisy for the first while.  We saw some really cool things!  Firstly, we saw the walls of Rome.  They were crumbly and broken, yet somehow still magnificent.  We saw an aqueduct, and the numbers for how much water those provided to Rome a DAY are mind-blowing.  Some million gallons or so.  It's truly unbelievable. Now, my explanations are going to be a little stunted because I seriously couldn't hear a thing the tour guide said.  (And I still can't find my camera cord, so go here for pictures.  It's my mom's Rome blog.)

We went to San Giovanni in Laterano, one of the most famous churches in Italy.  It was unbelievably gorgeous on the inside, and I think that that beauty is something that churches today really miss.  Amazing churches are a lost art, and it's quite sad.

We saw a set of steps, Scala Santa, inside a little building.  It is said that Jesus walked these stairs on the way to be judged by Pontius Pilate.  Now, though they are marble, they are covered by wood because mere mortals are not allowed to walk on the sacred steps.  The faithful Catholics climb these stairs, and only do so on their knees.  It seems rather moralistic to me, and I don't believe that we should literally worship the ground that Jesus walked on, but simply worship him for what he did.  I see how, if those really are the steps he walked on, that could be a really cool and amazing thing, but I don't believe that they have healing or forgiving powers, for they are in fact, simple steps of marble.

I chugged a gatorade and ate some pringles, and we were on our way again.  We saw more things than I could explain here.

It was, in fact, 12 miles.

We ate lunch at the British Embassy, and then continued.  By the end of the day, my feet were covered in blisters and I was pretty much ready to crash and/or die.

When we returned home, I showered, my sweet mama rubbed my feet, and we gathered around the laptop for some good old Friday Night Lights.  That's some good stuff right thar.

Monday, we went to Italian class and I did schoolwork.

Today was another walk!  This one was far more casual, though.  We went by the Circus Maximus, several Piazzas, and the Jewish quarter (which was my favorite part.)  It wasn't as long, and it was just the spouses club.  They let me hang with them because I'm really great.

It has nothing to do the fact that they feel sorry for me.  I'm sure of it.

Oh I'm kidding. ;)  It's just because I'm homeschooled and I don't bug 'em too much.

Now, I'm going to go read because I think if I try to walk another step, my calves are going to revolt and tear themselves from my legs, so goodnight, dear readers.

Buona notte!

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