Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New: Ground Beef Hand Moisturizer!

Hey y'all.

I'm here today with another food post.  Please don't shoot me.

I made SLIDERS!  The cutest little buggers in the food industry.

I started out with some thawed ground beef, and proceeded to knead some Worcestershire (JUST A TOUCH) some heavy cream and some salt and pepper into the beef.  (You can thank Pioneer Woman for the majority of this recipe, by the by.  It took me approximately 4 or 89 minutes to wash the grease off my hands.  But now they.. feel... freakishly smooth....

After forming them into patties, I chopped up one clove of garlic and put it in a pan (my idea! my idea!) with some butter and oil.  I let that get nice and hot, and then I dropped the patties in there.  At this point, I was very excited.  I cooked those up for a couple minutes on each side (medium heat) and VOILA!

I didn't have any biscuits or buns, so I cut end pieces from a bread loaf into four pieces.  Yeah, they're that tiny.  And I wanted you to see how cute, but I still haven't found my camera cord, so I took a few quick pictures using my terrible lovely webcam.

This is me being very excited to taste, and frightened that it will be awful (I always feel this way when I cook something new):

This is me chewing, tasting, wondering, exploring, and taking it all in:

And this is me after seeing how flippin' delicious these things are:

I exploded. They killed me dead.

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