Sunday, September 19, 2010

Strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow

I am sitting on the little balcony outside of my room, and thinking.  I read for a while, but the breeze was so enticing.  I turned off my book light and put my book back in my room, and stood.  Leaning against the rail, I watched, listened, felt, and breathed easy.  Within moments, I was relaxed and at peace.  I giggled as, through an open window, I saw a family arguing over what appeared to be the TV remote.  I heard a happy voice from across the street talking to a little girl, and saw an older couple holding hands as they basked in the cool evening..  Various people stride by in the street below, walking dogs, talking excitedly, and enjoying the crisp weather.

I drink in the night, soaking it into me like a sponge.  I want to know the stories of these people, but for now I am content to just be a fly on the wall.  The breeze tickles my face and takes great delight in rumpling my hair, but I welcome it.  I only wish every night could be like this one.

I think about my life, and am still in shock.  It's hard to believe that I'm actually in Italy, so far away from all of those who I know so well.  But I'm quickly reminded of my surroundings as I hear a man across the way chattering happily to his wife in that beautiful, rolling, musical language.

Breathing it in, I am absolutely in love with this little place. As I feel the wind on my face, I realize that this night, to me, is "true... pure... lovely..."  and I fix my thoughts on it, and on God.

I shall go inside with a smile on my face, and write it down in my prayer journal, thanking God for this.  For all of it!  For my home, for my new city, for my chance to be in Italy, and even for this quaint little balcony.  It is all only possible because of God's matchless grace, and only because of his love for me and my family.  I still have my struggles, and plenty of them, but I can rest in this wonderful opportunity given me by the Lord, and in his mercy to me.

And, as I type this, it almost knocks me down that all these thoughts and prayers that I have had on my mind tonight have been triggered by a simple, faint, breeze that kissed my face, and in fact, laid me low.

This week, I intend to spruce up this balcony a bit, because I feel that I will be spending much more time out here.  :-)                      


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