Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Love I've Been Given

The lights have gone down in my room
Enclosing my soul is the fear of my doom.

I can't see your face like I need to
All the sins in my heart seep right through.

The tears down my cheek are burning
And all I can know is of yearning.

It's so very clear that I need you,
So why is it that I can't hear you?

I open the book and pore over the pages,
My soul and my heart break free from their cages!

A light turns on that some can not see,
So why, oh god, did you choose me?

I'm broken, unworthy, and constantly failing,
Not walking right beside you, I feel I'm only trailing.

Yet you waited down the path and held out your hand,
In the midst of this sinning, dry, weary land.

My heart begins to sing a new song
As you continue to love me like you have all along.

I've never seen it so clearly before,
And now I simply can see nothing more.

My cry is now only the tears of my gladness,
I can't even remember where I left all my sadness!

I may stumble, I'll still fall, but I have been forgive.
You wait for me still, oh the grace I've been given!

You've cast out my demons and taken my heart,
You've washed it and tamed it, you gave it a part.

You gave it a part in your magnificent story,
And soon, very soon, you'll take me to glory.

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  1. Praying for you today! I love you and missed you in class :)
    Much love to your mom.


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