Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All Hail the Weather

Oh dear.  Today's weather has been terribly strange.

First of all, the wind has reached absurd speeds.  It's whistling past the apartment so loudly that it's utterly distracting.

Second, the clouds were gray this morning, and just kept getting darker and darker.  The rain came, and fell fast.  It burst through the clouds in a very abrupt manner, and low rumblings of thunder turned into raucous claps within minutes.

I knew the storm was directly upon us when there was barely a second between the thunder and lightning, and I looked out the window for a while to watch the weather do as it would to the city below.

Finally, I sat down to get on some research for rhetoric, when suddenly I heard little tinkling sounds at my window; different from the ones rain makes.  I ran to the window, and sure enough, it was HAIL.


I haven't seen hail since I was very little and I was going to sleepover at my aunt Bonnie's house, and even then I was too excited to care because she promised me she would put my hair up in rags that night.  Having curly hair takes precedent over ice falling from the sky for little girls, you know.

So, back to today, yes, it was hailing.  Then the hail turned to rain, and suddenly there wasn't a cloud in sight! Only blue skies and sunshine.

About five minutes ago, the sky turned black and the hail is back.

Back in black.  Sorry, I had to go there.

Ah, and now I hear thunder again!  What odd weather.

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