Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You may call me the "Play-Doh Wizard"

This cold, wintry afternoon, I walked two blocks down my street to babysit two little children while their mom was at a parent-teacher meeting for their oldest son, who was at school.

We'll call these two young'uns Boy and Girl.  Because this is the internet.  Nothing is safe on the internet.

After lunch, Girl was very tired.  She was rubbing her eyes with her chubby fists and whimpering.  I tucked her in for a nap, and she was out immediately.  So, basically, I spent the afternoon with Boy.  We first played Connect 4, but that got old for him very fast.  I got out the play-doh, and he told me to make a "pwincess Girl."  How sweet is that?  He wanted me to depict his sister as a princess!  After working with some blue play-doh, a plastic knife, and a baby spoon, I came up with this:

Girl actually has a neck, I promise.  And she's actually a LOT cuter than that.  A lot.
A little blue pwincess.

Next, Boy asked me to make some fyowers or sumteen yike a snyake oy a baw.

Translation:  Make some flowers or something like a snake or a ball.

Well, I chose to make flowers.  Because that's the kind of gal I am.

I weawy yike fyowers.  Especially ones in McDonalds colors.

Boy wanted a play-doh of Boy.  So I obliged.

Boy doesn't actually wear a bow-tie.  He also doesn't actually have candy-canes for feet; that was my "creative license."

Boy and I played with play-doh till Boy and Girl's mom came home, and then I walked home.  When I got in the elevator, which has a huge, obnoxious mirror in it, I saw my nose and cheeks were completely red from the cold.

I love this weather.  And on Friday, I'm putting up those Christmas decorations faster than you can say "Deck the halls, y'all."

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