Sunday, November 7, 2010

My weekend

Hello, everyone! I just thought I'd check in really quick, because I haven't posted in the past two days.

Let's see.... my mom and dad got home on Friday night!  I'm so happy, except poor Mama has a cough and Dad didn't sleep well last night. But they are here safely, and I'm thrilled.

Yesterday we went to the mall and had lunch and I picked up some nail polish, and then shortly after we came home, I went to babysit.  Those kids are dolls.  Of course, they have their little problems, but they are simply gorgeous.  The oldest boy has some trouble liking anyone who has to "boss" him around, so imagine my surprise when we were watching Cars and he snuggled up to my side!

I die.  It was so cute.  And then the middle boy promptly jumped into my lap, elbows a'stabbing.  The little girl, however, is very independent.  The only time she will sit in my lap is when I fix her hair.  She's got dimples and big brown eyes... so sweet!  But she's a fiery one, that girl.

I came home around eleven, and went to bed.  Now I've just had breakfast and am trying to think of something interesting to say.


Well, have a nice day, dear readers!

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