Monday, November 15, 2010

I could sure use a good Sanduwich.

GUYS!  I found my camera cord!  I can finally share some photos with you!  Now, these were taken a few months ago, but honestly, I don't think the ruins have changed a lot since I left them. I'm only posting a few, but these were my favorites.  Note: my photography skills are no good.

This is inside the Colosseum.  It's "cut" in half so you can see the underground where they kept gladiators, slaves, and animals.
The lighting was too bright, but these are the "bleachers" of the Colosseum.
Taken from the inside of the Colosseum looking down onto the ground.  There were at least three carts that said Sanduwiches on them.  Which is not surprising, really, because that's kind of how Italians say it.

Inside the Colosseum were several artifacts from it's heyday, and this mosaic was very cool to me. 

The Colosseum at night.  It's so beautiful when it's lit up!  Though I must say that the cars look oddly out of place.  And here, you can only see about half of the Colosseum.  We were up on a hill across the street from it.

That's all for now, folks!  Expect more pictures from me now that I can actually put them on my computer! 


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I like the last one... I would love to go to Italy some day :)

  2. Thank you Annie! I would love to show you around sometime; you would have so much fun taking pictures. But I want to come visit YOU in Mexico!! :)


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