Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fair warning, and, an explanation

For what seems like forever
But really, it's not
Nothing funny nor clever
My brain's in a knot

Blogging evades me
I can't seem to write
Not a teense or a wee
Throw the line, but no bite

Drinking gallons of coffee
Hoping for thought
At a white and blue screen blankly
I stare all for naught

Oh, now I am distracted
My mind starts to drift
Blogging thoughts are subtracted
As through my thoughts I do sift

I think about colors and rainbows and ponies
My mind's in a tangle
Smart thoughts feeling lonely
With my own mind I wrangle

So I leave you with this
That I sometimes won't post
I'm terribly remiss
I'm just a terrible blog-host

Some day to my complete shock
My mind will awaken
I'll post and post around the clock
Maybe two posts, maybe ten

You'll get so sick of me you'll cry
As I'll type all the more
So be thrilled with my state of mind-fry
I'm much better as a bore

I'm not saying that we're done
No, not on your life
Oh darlings, you I couldn't shun
Just don't expect sharp thoughts like a knife

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