Friday, November 5, 2010

Houston, we've got a problem

So, I have a therma-care heat wrap on my right rib cage right now.  Strangely, it's hot.  Yes, I doubted the heating qualities of, you know, a strip of paper with some weird lumps in it.  I don't even want to think about how it got hot like that.  Ah, modern technology.  How you..... confuse me.

Why do I have a strange heating paper thing on my right rib cage?  Well last night, I was adjusting my sleeping position just as I was drifting off.  I always, always, always sleep on my side, so I was flipping from my back to my right side.  I guess I flipped too fast or something, or maybe I'm ninety-two, but as I was resting onto my right side, I gasped because I couldn't put my weight down on it.  It hurt!  So I laid on my back, which I hate, hate, hate to do, and didn't move all night.


This morning I got up, and I totally can't twist at all or bend down.  At all.  I told Gammy and Bebob about it, and they felt bad for me, so I popped an ibuprofen and went about my business.  Gammy and I did some laundry and I started bending down to throw some jeans in the washer, and YOUCH.  I groaned all the way down and all the way back up.  Gammy took pity and gave me her therma-care heat thingamajig, which, again is weird.  WEIRD.

It hurts super bad, and I don't know why.  I feel like I'm just like a walking injury; I rarely go a month without getting into some sort of mess.  It's just getting ridiculous.

And let me say, it really hurts to pull adhesives off your back.  Just, you know, in case you ever need to pull heated adhesives off your back.


  1. Thanks, lady! :D I'm sure I'll get better; I usually do. :P


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