Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Come my little friends, as we all sing a happy little working song

I was studying geometry the other day, and was flipping around trying to find a certain postulate.  Y'all, my notes were disorganized.  Geometry is the class in which I take the most notes, and I normally just jot down random things in random places.

This was not working for me.

So, guess what I did today?  I re-wrote all my notes (it's early in the year, lucky for me, so this didn't take a million years) and I organized them.  And y'all, I COLOR CODED them.  Let me just show you.  It's so pretty.

I neatly (or as neat as I could write in my awful handwriting) wrote down all of the postulates, theorems, definitions, etc. that I know.

For some of them, I even drew pictures to have for examples. Pictures really help me out when I study.  Because I'm four.

And, the last section is general notes where I write down everything quickly, and rather messily, during class, and then I go put all my notes into their proper sections, neatly, after class.  I keep my general notes though, instead of tossing them once I've placed the information, for things that don't go under any of my sections, like exercises and things that only apply to that class.  

And thus, I have completely gone against my nature and have finally become organized.  Now I'm going to skip off to tidy my room whilst humming "The Happy Working Song..."

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  1. You've inspired me. I want to color code all my folders now. :P

    Good luck with Geometry. That's all I have to say. O.O hahhaa


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