Friday, October 15, 2010

Mi piace molti libri, ma vorrei andare a Northanger Abbey

Hey y'all!

Life's been very nice this week, albeit busy.  But luckily, it's only the natural kind of busy that stems from school and chores!  Not so much with the scheduling of events and things.

We did actually do a few things this week, but very light.  Monday and Thursday, Mama and I went to Italian class, which is always very fun, and yesterday we went out to dinner.  My dad has a committee at the NATO Defense College, and every once in a while we go out for social events.  Last night we went to a pizza place downtown, and it coincided with Daddy's birthday!  So it was incredibly fun.  We lucked out on our committee, because they are so funny that I think I might now be suffering from a hernia from all the funny-ha-ha.

Today has been nice.  I'm babysitting this evening, so I'm going to bring some geometry homework to do while the kiddos toddle off to dreamland, and I've been reading quite a bit.  I'm currently noshing on "Northanger Abbey"  by Jane Austen (Who else?) and I love it.  LOVE IT.  It's about a girl named Catherine and her various travails in the social circles in the regency period.  It includes humor, romance, vague but oddly funny suspense, and it's the entirety of the book is just utterly delightful.  And I totally and completely without a shadow of a doubt sort of identify with the heroine.

I am Catherine.  Catherine is me.

So, I shall send you off with a notice that you must read this book if you have not already, and a solemn promise to change out of my pajamas withing the next hour.

I will! I swear!

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