Monday, October 18, 2010

In which I check-in with my lovely readers.... I'm not dead.

Hello, my little friends.

This weekend, mom, dad, and I went to Pompeii! I don't have any pictures, so you can read about our trip here.  (That's my mom's blog.)

Today, since I don't have a lot of time, I'm going to just do a very quick post.

A few letters:

  • Dear neighbors upstairs,
          I wish that you might just maybe possibly sort of kind of perhaps in a small way stop making so much noise.  It's really just getting ridiculous.  I understand that your baby crying is not your fault, and I'm not at all annoyed about that.  But why you feel the need to move furniture around constantly, I have no idea.  Incessant scraping and pushing, and then during the days its drilling and hammering.  How much reconstruction can you do in an apartment?  Not to mention that it seems like you guys never sleep, seeing as you keep me awake quite a bit.  Thanks.

  • Dear Pioneer Woman,
          You are a miracle.  Your blog makes me laugh the laugh of many laughters, and your recipes make my tummy delight.  And I'm sorry my nickname is also almost PW like yours; it's purely coincidental, I assure you.
          Not trying to steal your thunder,

  • Dear empty bowl of oatmeal,
          Would you mind washing yourself?  Kthankyou.
          Best regards,

  • Dear Gammy and Bebob,
          I'm so very excited about your impending visit that I can barely stand it.  :)  We're going to have a smashing good time, I'm sure of it.
          With much love,
                    P&W, your granddaughter

  • Dear British friends,
          I really do wish you could please continue teaching me British slang.  It's delightful! I mean, "peas above sticks?"  It's brilliant; truly brilliant.
          One slangy friend to another,

Have a nice day, everyone!

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  1. Truly glad you're not dead! :)
    I haven't really read the Pioneer Woman much. Your post convinces me that I need to!


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