Friday, October 8, 2010

It appears I have several aliases I could use in case of a quick getaway....

So, lots of people call me lots of things.

I am very rarely called Caroline.  In fact, if anyone in my family said, "Hey, Caroline..."  I would automatically know something was up.

Today, I shall give you a comprehensive, enumerated list of my nicks.

  1. Caroliney.
  2. Liney. (most commonly used my Mama and Will)
  3. Caroliney-lou (Mama uses this one a lot.)
  4. Loop/Loopy (A derivation of Caroliney-Lou.  It doesn't mean loopy as in crazy.  It's very endearing, my brother uses this one the most.  Will NEVER calls me Caroline.  Ever.  Two years ago, though, I told someone in an online class about it, and somehow by the end of the year my entire biology class was calling me Loop. Go figure.)
  5. Tinkerbell.  (Mama calls me this when she's in a super happy mood.  Like today, when I made her some mac-n-cheese.  She likes mac-n-cheese.)
  6. Pinkie (This one is primarily used by my mom.  She has very, very many nicknames for me.)
  7. Baby (My mom uses this one for me, usually when she's trying to explain something to me and I just don't get it.  "Baby, no, you have to put that over there, not in this drawer."  This is the perfect opportunity for a "No one puts Baby in a corner!"  This one is also used when I'm sick and she's rubbing my back and feeling bad for me.)
  8. Baby-girl.  (This one is utilized by my Dad.  He calls me this one every day.)
  9. Carolina.  (My Dad uses this one, only when he's calling me from across the house.  And he has the same intonation every time.  "CAroLEEna!!!"  And he rolls the "r," like he's speaking Spanish.)
  10. Caro.  (My favorite Spanish teacher, Sra. Pliego, and my friend Valentine have been known to call me this one.)  :)
  11. Care Bear.  (I can't even begin to stress to you how often this one is used.  By everyone.  But I like it a  lot.)
  12. Care. (My dad calls me this, and sometimes my brother.)
  13. Woo (This one extends through my whole family, even the extended family.)
  14. Pinks (A derivation of Pinkie, used by my mom.)
  15. Petunia (Another Mama-nickname.)
  16. Lima bean (Two of my uncles, on different sides of the family, use this one.  Each thought it up on their own.  Suffice it to say, I used to really like lima beans.)
  17. Wooty-woo (My Yaya calls me this one.)
  18. Canine (This is a rough spelling of what little children call me.  I love kids so much, but they can not wrap their heads around my name.  There's been Kee-nine, Care-nine, Can-line, Car-layn, and I once got a Car-fine.  And one little boy managed to turn my name into 4 syllables, though I'm not sure how.)
Now, I'm sure there are more, but as you can see, I have a lot of nicknames.  Of course there are always the gratuitous ones like "Weirdo" and "Hey, you" but we won't go into all of those.  Also, I have some based on my last name, but I don't feel comfortable putting my last name on the blog, sorry.  

What are some of your nicknames?

(Seriously.  I would feel so nice if you would comment!)

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  1. I have so many nicknames for my daughter Elizabeth that it's ridiculous. At some point I started calling her "Lizzy Boo the Tiny Roo," and it just spiraled into insanity from their. From Roo it went to Roony, then Roony Toon, then Roony Toons Adventures, then Roony Toons Adventures in Odyssey...yes, I'm very weird.

    Her big brothers used to call her Lizard Gizzard. That got shortened to "Gizz," and pretty soon all their friends called her that.


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