Friday, October 1, 2010

I guess that makes me... I don't know.... 0.062% Megan Fox?

Hey everyone.... so, I am a minority.

Only 2% of America is like me.  TWO PERCENT!

What makes me so different?


I have toe thumbs.


See?  No joke, it is not my toe.  It is my right thumb.

And did you know? Megan Fox has toe thumbs too!  She had to use a hand double in her phone commercial.  I know.  'Cause that totally makes me feel better about myself.  Or not.

Now you know.

And I'm really fast at texting.  Who knew?


  1. Well, good for you! I think I'd be pretty thrilled if ANY part of me was like Megan Fox! :)

  2. Hi Caroline, how broad is your thumb (I want to compare wuth mine loll)? Could you post a pic near a ruler so I can compare? Thanks in advance!

    Jay :)

  3. I have these thumbs, i hate them :/

  4. Unless that photo is reversed...isn't that your LEFT thumb? :)


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